Why Val d’Europe is Worth a Trip to Paris

When I first visited the city of Paris last year my jaw dropped and my heart grew three sizes. I was like the Grinch. Who’s overly optimistic and spends his spare time eating way too many Jaffa Cakes.

I fell in love with everything I saw there – the transport, views, atmosphere and way being in the city made me feel. I just felt super happy. Like happy as a clam happy. And that’s what everybody wants really, isn’t it?

Scott and I visited last October and took a few days in the city followed by a few days at the Disneyland Resort, located on the outskirts in a little town known as Marne-la-Vallee. Deciding against the Disney hotels, though, Scott and I chose the neighbouring village of Val d’Europe as our home away from home and wow was it one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

The moment we set foot in Val d’Europe I turned to Scott and cracked a (half) joke about packing our life up and moving there. I’m still waiting on his answer to that, actually.

The hotel we stayed at was Hipark Serris Val d’Europe and it was absolutely beautiful. On the border of Val d’Europe, our room had a direct view of the Disneyland balloon, so each morning we’d draw back the curtains and see it rising into the brilliant blue sky.

Paris Hipark Window View

Just thinking about it makes me grin, it was one of those trips that you’re already excited to re-do the moment you get home from it. If you’re ever at Disneyland Paris, I definitely recommend checking the place out.

Paris Val d'Europe Building

Paris Val d'Europe Mall

If you’re interested in more stories from our trip to Paris, you can read about our time at Disneyland: here, or our adventures through the busy city: here. I’ve got everything crossed that I can return this year!

Have you ever visited Paris? If so, what was your favourite part?

I hope you have a lovely day,