Autumn in Disneyland 2016

Disneyland: it’s the happiest place on Earth, and it’s somewhere that Scott (my boyfriend) and I loooove.

In October, Scott and I decided to finally visit Paris – after holidaying in Florida this summer, absolutely loving it, and trying to figure out where we wanted to go next: we came to the conclusion that we actually hadn’t seen as much of Europe as we should have by now. I mean, Europe is freaking beautiful: and there’s so much variety there – from the French Alps to the Canary Islands – there’s pretty much extreme to extreme of gorgeous places that are only an hour or three’s flight away from us.

Cue: Paris. The first in a list of places we want to go and marvel at and fall in love with. I mean, if we’re talking about falling in love with places, who couldn’t start with Paris, the city of freakin’ love? Needless to say flights were booked, hotels were reserved and plans were drawn up (you can read about our adventures in Paris right here) – one plan, one that I was particularly excited for in fact, was to visit Disneyland. As well as spending a day or two there,¬†Scott and I also bought tickets for Disney’s Halloween party, which we attended and let me tell you, oh boy, that definitely warranted it’s own blog post (which you can read all about here!)

During summer we had visited Disney World in Florida and I was still feeling the post-Disney blues. The rides, the atmosphere – there’s something safe and cushion-y warm about visiting Disney, it’s like eating comfort food endlessly. So basically I was ready for it.

Another thing I was ready for were the autumn decorations. I don’t need to tell you how much I love autumn (just check my recently posted and see how many autumn-centric posts I’ve done!), and I’m sure we’re all well acquainted¬†with the beautiful photos of Disneyland during autumn that float around Tumblr and Pinterest with instant jealousy attached. (Sorry not sorry for the ludicrous amount of Disneyland decoration photos that’ll be all over this blog post, by the way).

People will make you think that for some reason Disneyland in Paris doesn’t match up to Disney World (I haven’t visited Disneyland California yet.. But it’s on the list!) but I can DEFINITELY say that when Scott and I left, we found ourselves admitting that we preferred Disneyland Paris to Disney World! That sounds almost sacrilegious – but it’s true! I just felt personally that Disney World in Florida – as much as I do love it – can be quite overwhelming. Even getting from the car park to the theme parks has me sweating a bucketful.

Knowing that the park is currently dressed up for Christmas has me itching to go back already. Scott and I have made non-committal plans to return next Winter and I’m praying that it comes true. I’d die being able to see the park – especially in the anticipation that comes with the build-up to Christmas!

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Thanks so much for reading!