Forty Summer Essentials Under £20

Now that June is here the weather in England seems to have realised that it should be Summer and has switched to bright blue skies and warmer days (woohoo!) *p.s. I wrote a post about ‘5 Things to Love about Summer’ here* and with the change in season, comes a change in wardrobes – especially when you’re not used to being able to get shorts (resulting in embarrassingly pale knees/legs.. Anyone else in the same situation!? Ha!)

So, I’ve been doing some sale-searching – and decided to piece together a quick guide of 40 Summer essentials that you can snag online for under £20! Happy shopping!

Let me know down below if you have any favourite summer essentials!

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  • Elegant Duchess

    great selection. We all love a bargain!

    Pop by to see my latest post

    • Oh I definitely do! There’s nothing better than a good bargain – ha! Thanks for commenting, I hope you have a lovely weekend! ☺️

  • Love all of the picks!

  • The pink hoodie is my favourite! This reminds me I haven’t checked out ASOS in such a long time

    • It’s lovely, isn’t it!? I know right – sometimes I go through stages where I don’t check ASOS at all, then I go on, see their deals and I get obsessed all over again! Ha! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

  • Fabiana Aguilar Fernandez

    Just discovered the blog… I can only say that I L-O-V-E it!!

    Kisses from a spanish in the Caribbean <3 <3

  • Kim

    Awesome picks! I haven’t heard of many of these brands, probably because I’m across the pond, but I’ll definitely look into these pieces for Dan. He needs a bit more style in his life.

    Simply Lovebirds