Exploring the Quaint Village of Conwy, Wales

Small town road trips. Light summer drizzle on the windscreen, the sky ever shifting between white and grey. I absolutely love exploring small towns – I think you can learn so much about a country like Wales by investigating the smaller towns as well as the cities.

Last year, my family and I took a road trip to Wales for the weekend. We stayed in a beautiful house overlooking Deganwy Bay. The weekend was spent in exploration – climbing castle walls, meandering down marinas and getting our feet wet in the ocean’s tide. But, in all honesty, I’d of been happy to have spent the weekend in front of these beautiful bay windows – with a view like this, would you really need to do anything other than curl up with a good book?

wales windows

(P.S. Throwing a bookish reference in there.. Does anybody else instantly think of Glendower now when they think about Wales or is it just me?)

wales deganwy bay

Now onto the castle walls: built in the 13th century, Conwy castle still stands tall. Some parts of the castle have fallen to ruin but all in all the structure looks a hell of a lot better than I could on my 900th birthday.

wales conwy castle

wales conwy castle stairs

wales conwy castle walls

Though the weekend was spent with hoods up, dodging drizzle, I had the best time exploring the town and staring out over the gorgeous Welsh landscape from the castle. It’s gotten me really motivated to spend more time exploring the towns and cities closer to home: seeing local architecture and appreciating the importance of history. The stories that these buildings tell and the lives they’ve led.

wales landscape

wales conwy window

After exploring the castle, we headed into Conwy’s centre – which kept true to the town’s idyllic atmosphere and held a street of unique boutiques: from book and coffee shops to independent clothing stores and homemade antiques. A world away from the crowded high-street of chain fashion brands that you’d see in my hometown.

wales conwy castle marina

wales conwy main street

wales conwy bookstore

wales milkshake

Discovering little havens like Conwy with my family was so important to me. As you grow older you find less and less time is there to spend with them, and that can be really difficult. So getting a weekend away from our lives and spending it laughing over childhood memories and embarrassing footnotes couldn’t have been better.

wales llandudno beach

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